With increasing focus on SEO and social media marketing, brands are constantly rethinking their approach to search engine marketing, or SEM. Truth be told, the best digital strategy is the one that’s balanced and includes a healthy mix of paid and organic marketing. Also called as search marketing, this is basically an online marketing strategy, where you pay the search engines, especially Google, to place your brand links on top of SERPs. People will know that it’s a sponsored link, but it still gives your brand the top spot. If you are wondering whether hiring SEM services Singapore is a good idea, we give a fair look at why SEM is important in the first place.

Brand visibility

SEO, or search engine optimization, is extremely effective for organic promotions and for SERPs, but the entire process can take time. Most companies that are trying to sell products and services, it is necessary to find some level of online visibility, to shoot conversions and sales. Search Engine Marketing offers that simple tool required to go on top of Google’s search results. Keep in mind that people are very specific with searches, and since search engines are trying to offer the best possible experience for users, Search Engine Marketing might be the only way to remain on top, before SEO adds organic brand value.

Working around a budget

Let’s get real here – Search Engine Marketing is not free. You are paying the search engines for keywords, and the costs depend on many factors, including targeted keywords. You have to consider what you can possibly to keep costs in check. The good news is SEM agencies work with clients in a closed way to ensure that the marketing costs never shoot up, beyond an expected point. Setting up the Search Engine Marketing campaign doesn’t have to be complicated, and you can rely on your marketing agency to share regular reports.

Taking the leap

If your company hasn’t used Search Engine Marketing as yet, you should definitely consider it for creating a more optimized digital strategy. Balanced rightly with social media marketing and Search Engine optimization, SEM can fetch great results, and it can be always modified as per your budget and overall results. If you are hiring an SEM agency for the first time, we strongly recommend that you hire one that can also handle SEO and social media, for a more balanced approach.